Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ideas and Plans...

Well ever since our big day last week, we have just been coming up with ideas and trying to decide what is happening!

We have decided on a definite date, which will be.....

JUNE 9, 2012

We will be married in the Las Vegas, Nevada Temple

Many of you will notice that it is the same layout as the Portland Temple. They were both dedicated in 1989 :-)

We will also be having a ring ceremony the same day for family members and close friends that cannot be in the temple with us. The reception will immediately follow. After lots of anticipation and drama, we FINALLY found a venue!
click here to check it out!

Also, we have decided on our colors! YAY! Ok, so to show this part to you, I had to steal some pictures from bear with me...

The colors will be gray, purple, and perhaps one other accent color. As shown...

I would definitely rather have a darker plum purple. And I LOVE the idea of light gray suits with the purple. As for a third color, or an accent, we aren't quite sure yet! I don't love all the green in the bouquets, so green probably won't be the last color.

Lots to do! But this is definitely the fun part. Hopefully as we get closer I won't become bridezilla as my sister so lovingly said....


With that, I'm out! Thanks for reading!


  1. Maybe your accent color should be Gold or Silver to put a little sparkle in. Yellow would also be pretty.

  2. please be bridezilla..i've never seen one in person. you could make all my crazy wedding dreams come true!

  3. Mustard yellow. It will be fantastic. April, I HAVE seen a bridezilla. I would NOT recommend becoming one! No clue who Rhea Newts is. I'm on Cassandra's's me, Jen. Your favorite person.

    1. Ok. So I'm the only one who will have flowers, everyone else will have something special. I will have a few mustard yellow flowers with my bouquet and then the 'something special' that everyone else has will have a tiny bit with them! I don't think we'll have many decorations with yellow, cuz I don't want to look like the lakers...haha. But GREAT idea! I started buying stuff yesterday!